Founded by Raw Elements USA, a 1% For The Planet member, World Reef Day is the recurring annual calendar day for the world to come together in awareness and activation to effect positive change for our world’s reefs.

This is our 3rd year of World Reef Day on June 1, 2021 while at the tail end of the pandemic.

From taking World Reef Day fully virtual in 2020, we are finally able to host a small event in Miami, Florida at the 1Hotel and Beach Club. We know that the great threats to reefs are localized activity and pollution.  This event gives us an opportunity to build community awareness to Miami Beach’s reefs which are desperately in need.

About the event:

June 1, 2021

1Hotel and Beach Club

2341 Collins Avenue 

Miami Beach, FL 33139

1 Beach Club has partnered with Raw Elements Certified Natural Sunscreen and The Reefline. Preview The Reefline's 7 mile underwater public sculpture park, snorkel trail and artificial reef that will be located off Miami Beach's shoreline with the first phase slated to open December 2021. Enjoy inspiring conversations, a sunset intentional handpan sound experience provided by Yogi Shelly and special cocktails and beverages by Gem & Bolt Mezcal and Radiate Kombucha

Guest speakers include Raw Elements USA Founder, Brian Guadagno and Reefline Founder and Creative Director Ximena Caminos to discuss awareness of World Reef Day. 

100% of proceeds from ticket sales will go towards non-profit organization, The Reefline www.thereefline.com

On June 1 and continued throughout the month for World Ocean’s Month on @RawElementsUSA’s Instagram we will be promoting awareness for three simple things you can do to make a difference:

  1. Use #ReefSafe sunscreen
  2. Reduce single use plastics
  3. Share this post and spread awareness of this issue









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Countdown to World Reef Day!

Initiated by Raw Elements founder @brianguadagno 3 years ago, World Reef Day is the celebration, call to action, and platform from which we promote the work of meaningfully impacting our world's delicate reef systems.

Join us over the next 2 weeks to learn about our WHY, be involved in the conversation, and continue to create change. 



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The Countdown is still on for World Reef Day 2021 is on! Can you tell we are excited?! Join @lalaClaydon and purchase your zero-waste World Reef Day stick for protection from the sun all summer long! Click the link in our bio to grab yours now. 📸 @wedtsidewahine_



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Happy World Reef Day!!

We are kicking off World Ocean Month today by celebrating World Reef Day. Thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past and continues to do so today! It is very important to us to help educate people on how we can all take action in our everyday lives for the betterment of our oceans, and coral reefs. For us, we begin by making sure every single one of our products is reef safe. 

We are SO thankful for the organizations listed below (and many more) who work hard everyday to help this conservation. Please follow & support them as a way to stay more informed on this crucial topic!

@thekohalacenter @sustainablecoastlineshawaii @surfrideroahu @malama_pupukea_waimea @savethereef @savetheseaturtlesinternational @coralgardeners #FriendsofHanaumaBay @TheReefline

Check out our stories throughout the day today to see how we are celebrating #WorldReefDay today and for some important facts!



How You Can Help

On June 1st to celebrate World Reef Day, join us as we create a viral movement. Encourage your followers to educate themselves on the state of our reefs and donate to the beneficiaries by making an online purchase (details below).

Here is our master Dropbox where you can download, Instagram frames, logo and more. 

2021 Fundraising

We will be donating funds to our 2021 beneficiaries:

  • Raw Elements will donate a percentage of all online revenue from sales on our website RawElementsUSA.com for the month of June for World Reef Day and World Oceans Month and a percentage of proceeds will be donated directly to our beneficiaries.

Meet a couple of our beneficiaries, tag when you can, and encourage donations to their incredible missions:

  1. @The KohalaCenter – The Kohala Center is an independent not-for-profit community-based center for research conservation and education based on Hawai‘i Island.
  2. @savetheseatutlesinternational – 501c3 nonprofit founded by Juan Oliphant and Ocean Ramsey. Saving sea turtles sharks corals and more conservation & research programs. #savetheocean

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@RawElementsUSA will donate a portion of profits from online revenue during the month of June in honor of World Ocean’s month.  Proceeds will be directly donated to World Reef Day non-profit beneficiaries. Swipe-up to stock up on reef-safe sunscreen for the summer!

Our coral reefs are in danger. In recent years, there has been a major decline of the world’s reef. Much of the destruction up until now has been done by humans, and we can fix it.

Industrial pollution, plastic pollution, sewage, chemical sunscreens and unmanaged high-density tourism all threaten coral reefs. The reef destruction that has happened up until now has been caused by humans, and we can fix it.

Three simple things you can do to make a difference are:

  1. Use #ReefSafe sunscreen
  2. Reduce single use plastics
  3. Share this post and spread awareness of this issue 

We have recently had an incredibly unique opportunity to slow down and recognize that we must be better stewards of our planet. Mother Earth has responded. What can be seen are bluer skies, cleaner air, clearer oceans and life returning to reefs. We must continue our efforts to protect the reefs and Mother Earth as a whole.

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